Naama Issachar
Naama IssacharCourtesy of the family

A new recording reveals a phone conversation between Naama Issachar, the Israeli woman arrested in Russia for possession of marijuana, and her friend.

In the recording publicized Saturday, Issachar can be heard speaking on the phone to her friend just prior to being arrested by the Russian authorities.

"Listen, apparently I'm in much bigger trouble than we hoped. I don't understand and I don't know. It feels like a movie."

The recording ends with the words: "I'm lost. Police, they're taking me."

Separately, Justice Minister Amir Ohana (Likud) responded to Issachar's 7.5-year prison sentence, telling News 13 that "the punishment is out of proportion. The State of Israel will do everything in order to bring Naama home."

"I received a request regarding a person who may be extradited. I will weigh it and make a decision in the coming days."

MK Benny Gantz, who chairs the Blue and White party, also responded to Issachar's sentence.

"We have all heard about the sad case of Naama Issachar, who was sentenced to 7.5 years in a Russian jail," he said. "More is unknown than known regarding this case, but the severe punishment she received for the crime of possessing a minimal quantity of a drug during a connection is worrying and raises concerns."

"We must allow the Foreign Minister and the various systems to make every effort to bring her home without turning this into a political issue. Blue and White under my leadership will support every reasonable action which will help solve this situation."