Rabbi Teichtal speaks with worshiper after Ne'ila prayer
Rabbi Teichtal speaks with worshiper after Ne'ila prayerBerlin Jewish Community

The Chief Rabbi of Berlin, Rabbi Yehudah Teichtal, on Wednesday night, following the conclusion of Yom Kippur, commented on the attack on the Jewish community in Halle.

"We stand alongside the community that has been harmed and weep over those murdered. The cruel method of the attacker is indescribable, and especially the fact that it happened on Yom Kippur, the holiest day for the Jewish people," Rabbi Teichtal said.

"We learned about the attack during Yom Kippur prayers, when a senior security official approached me in the middle of the Musaf prayer and informed me of the attack. Immediately the security of our synagogue was increased, alongside other synagogues," the rabbi added.

"We talked about the attack with our synagogue worshipers. We emphasized the great miracle the community had because their door was locked, thus avoiding a much more serious incident, and of course strengthened their spirit, with a prayer for a year of good news," continued Rabbi Teichtal.

At the same time, he expressed concern about the security of the Jewish communities in the country. "We call on the German government to increase security and secure all the synagogues in Germany.”