Gilad Erdan
Gilad ErdanFlash 90

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan (Likud) on Monday morning said that the police are not the only ones responsible for the waves of murders in the Arab sector, most of which are connected to the culture of control in Arab society.

"Arab society, and I say this with great pain, is a very very violent society," Erdan told Radio Jerusalem. "Instead of legal suits, they pull out a knife or weapon."

"A mother can allow her son to murder his sister, because she's going out with a man who the family doesn't like. I will not allow this discussion to be sidetracked."

Joint Arab List Chairman MK Ayman Odeh responded: "Instead of taking responsibility for the security of all the State's citizens, Erdan prefers to hide behind racist claims and place the responsibility on those who were murdered."

"Again he is ignoring the facts. The number of people murdered in Arab society before October 2000 was identical to the national average. After the police left out streets to crime organizations and gangs, the number of people murdered began to rise."

In October 2000, after an Arab MK incited violence against the police, Israeli Arabs began protesting in cities across Israel. During the violent protests, Israeli police attempted to disperse the rioters with riot dispersal methods, but several Arabs were killed.

"The crime in the Arab sector is not the result of Arab culture, but of government racism," Odeh continued. "A minister who sees us as enemies and refuses to protect us from criminal organizations which obtain the vast majority of weapons from the army. Erdan must understand that there is no place for this dark racism in the year 2019.

"The minister is displaying a culture of tribal rule, without any speck of the concept of citizenship. We will continue to fight for the most basic right of every citizen - the right to life and security."

According to Channel 12, 93% of shootings are perpetrated by Arabs, as are 64% of murders, 61% of arson incidents, 56% of illegal weapons sales and ownership, 47% of robberies, 40% of extortions, 30% of drug crimes, and 29% of physical violence.