Yom NCSY 2019
Yom NCSY 2019Arutz Sheva

The Orthodox Union’s flagship NCSY program has received a record donation of $5 million dollars from Great Neck, NY residents Dr. Miriam and Dr. Felix Glaubach to create a fellowship program for the community’s men and women to train the next generation of Jewish leaders.

Over the last 60 years of Jewish engagement and leadership building, NCSY has discovered 12 critical skills it believes all leaders must role model. To that end, the program will focus on mentoring participants on great communication skills, commitment and extreme responsibility, creativity in vision, unending optimism, trustworthiness, adaptability, humble confidence, decisiveness and willingness to confront challenges, tenacity/motivation, empathy, people development and commitment to continuous improvement.

The Shevet Glaubach Fellowship seeks to strengthen, inspire and educate college-aged NCSY advisors. Fellows will train and further develop these 12 critical skills. In doing so, they will learn to become effective and empowering leaders of our future Jewish communities.

The four programmatic cores of the Fellowship are: four annual social interaction programs, two leadership training Shabbatons, four mini mission community Shabbatons, weekly learning / mentoring by educators to the Fellows and by the Fellows to NCSY teens.

“Miriam and I are honored to be part of an NCSY program that brings young men and women closer to Hashem; that strengthens our hopes and our People. This is exactly what future Jewish homes need," said Dr. Felix Glaubach.

“One of the greatest responsibilities of our generation is to develop the Jewish community’s future activists, “said Orthodox Union President Moishe Bane. “Through their record donation, the Glaubachs are enabling NCSY to mine the talents and idealism of current and future advisors to produce leaders who will be trained and motivated to address the needs of the community for generations to come.”

“The Shevet Glaubach Fellowship will transform our ability to strengthen and grow our pool of NCSY advisors and to train them better to inspire thousands of teens in their own path to a fuller Jewish life,” added OU Executive Vice President Allen Fagin. “All of this from one extraordinary couple who understand that they can change the landscape for thousands.”

NCSY is the international youth movement of the Orthodox Union (OU) and is dedicated to connecting, inspiring and empowering Jewish teens and encouraging passionate Judaism through Torah and tradition. NCSY connects with Jewish youth through innovative, cutting-edge social and recreational programs to develop a positive Jewish identity. NCSY inspires Jewish teens and their connection to Israel through informal Jewish education, retreats and summer programs while empowering teens through leadership development and guidance to become passionately committed leaders of the Jewish community and instruments for positive growth and change.