Scene of Dolev attack
Scene of Dolev attackFlash90

Palestinian Authority media reported that another member of the Popular Front terror squad that carried out the attack on the Danny spring near Dolev, where Rina Shnerb was murdered, was arrested Wednesday evening by special units of the Israel Defense Forces.

There was no immediate report of casualties from clashes that included stone throwing at the troops.

Another report shows that the IDF arrested a released prisoner named Walid Muhammad Hanatsha at his home in At-Tirah neighborhood, according to Channel 13 News.

On Wednesday, the military court said that there has been a gradual improvement in the condition of Samar Mina Salim Arabid, the leader of the terrorist cell which murdered Rina Schnerb in a bombing attack last month, Kan 11 reported.

According to the report, there a high likelihood that it will be possible to interrogate Arabid again in the coming days.

Arabid was beaten during his interrogation after the Shin Bet received intelligence that he had an explosive device in his possession in addition to possessing information about the still operating terrorist infrastructure of which he was a part. He was critically injured and hospitalized at Haddassah Medical Center.

The Shin Bet said that his interrogation "prevented shooting, bombing, and kidnapping attacks" and that there was no choice but to use extreme measures during his interrogation.