Navy ready for battle
Navy ready for battleIDF Spokesperson

The first 'Bochan Ramatcal,' an examination of the Israeli Navy by the IDF Chief of Staff, was conducted Wednesday.

Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Aviv Kochavi examined the navy's combat readiness in the northern arena, n the transition from emergency to emergency and in response to a wide range of stress scenarios along Israel's northern and land border.

While visiting the exercise, the chief of staff was presented with the initial conclusions of the exercises, which showed the navy to be at a high level of readiness.

During the exercise, defense and attack missions were performed, operations were practiced, advanced weapons were deployed, and complex scenarios were practiced. In the exercise, many naval forces, which worked in conjunction with Northern Command land forces, joined forces with the IAF and civilian emergency forces.

This exam is the first in a series of Chief of Staff examinations that will be held by the IDF once every few months. The examiner places emphasis on criticism in the format of operational activation.