Dvir Sorek
Dvir SorekCourtesy of the family

Nadav Padan, the chief of the IDF Central Command, on Tuesday signed demolition orders for the homes of the terrorists who carried out the stabbing attack near Migdal Oz in which IDF soldier Dvir Sorek was murdered.

The demolition orders were signed after the reservations submitted by the families of the terrorists against the demolition orders were rejected.

The families of the terrorists are expected to petition the Supreme Court against the demolition orders. Past experience shows that the Supreme Court will delay the demolitions until a ruling on the petition is reached.

Sorek’s family contacted Padan about a month ago, demanding the immediate demolition of the homes of the terrorists who murdered Dvir.

The family appealed to the IDF through Attorney Michael Litvack, chairman of the Betzalmo organization, who wrote, "The defense establishment has unequivocally determined that immediate and complete demolition is a first-rate deterrent and that there is great importance to the time component. The closer the demolition is to the attack, the more effective it is.”

Litvack added, "We demand that the Defense Minister and Prime Minister issue full demolition orders to the terrorists' homes. Only actions and not talking will prevent the next murder."

Sorek was stabbed to death outside of the Midgal Oz yeshiva in Gush Etzion, where he had been studying. Sorek had been on his way back to the yeshiva after he purchased books in Jerusalem, when the two terrorists attacked him, stabbing him to death before fleeing the scene.

Days later, Israeli security forces captured the two terrorists.