European Parliament President meets Conference of European Rabbis
European Parliament President meets Conference of European RabbisEuropean Parliament President's spokesperson

European Parliament President David Sassoli met with a delegation from the Conference of European Presidents led by Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt.

Sassoli said at the meeting that "the policy of preserving Jewish religious rights and the stubborn and consistent war with every manifestation of anti-Semitism and racism will continue uncompromisingly."

"We will block any legislative attempt against religious law and circumcision and any anti-Israeli decision-making in the European Parliament," he added.

"I am concerned about the anti-religious and anti-Semitic legislation in Europe and especially its scope. 'The European Parliament is committed to the fight against anti-Semitism. Tolerance and religious freedom are an essential part of our EU. I will continue to cooperate with the heads of EU institutions and together join forces to fight anti-religious and anti-Semitic legislation. I will continue more vigorously in developing initiatives and in upgrading the successful cooperation of Parliament and EU institutions with the Conference of European Rabbis," Sassoli concluded.

Rabbi Goldschmidt told the European Parliament president that it was important to prevent the steps taken against Jews and Judaism across the continent.

"From our many years of acquaintance with both your position in the Italian Parliament and in the Italian media and in your role as President of the European Parliament, we have come to see a strong leader with a strong moral compass and clear vision. We have faith in the new era of leadership and the quality of friendship between the parliament you preside over and the' Conference of European Rabbis.We hear all the time about the importance of the Jews and their status in Europe. We are delighted at your election and and thank you for your consistent support for Jews and Israel and are confident that you are the person who intends to convert speech into actions," Rabbi Goldschmidt said.