Shechita kosher slaughter
Shechita kosher slaughterFlash 90

A coalition of Islamic, Christian, and Jewish organizations, led by the International Legal Forum (ILF), on Monday appealed to the European Court of Justice demanding that a Belgian ban on kosher slaughter be canceled, Israel Hayom reported.

The ban went into effect earlier this month in Belgium's French-speaking Wallonia province and requires the animals to receive an electric shock before slaughter, in a manner contrary to halakha (Jewish law).

The results of the hearing may influence kosher slaughter laws across the European Union.

Joining the ILF are legal organizations, human rights organizations, and organizations representing Jews, Muslims, Christians, and Buddhists from around the world.

ILF Director Yifa Segal said: "As an organization which cares about the rights of every person suffering discrimination and interference in his lifestyle, we request to appeal in the court against the legislation banning many Jews and Muslims from being able to live according to their lifestyle, which they have preserved for dozens of years."

"We call on the European Court of Justice to ensure minorities' rights in Europe and cancel this problematic and discriminatory legislation, which may lead to a situation in which they can no longer continue living in Europe.

"We have a list of solid, strong, legal complaints against the gross intervention in Belgian citizens' freedom of religion by legislators. We are sure that the court will understand that this legislation is a wrongful and destructive balance between the rights and morals which Europe aims to achieve. Justice will be done and this discriminatory law will be canceled."