Media outlets in Syria and Iraq reported overnight Monday that Shiite militias affiliated with Iran were attacked in the Syrian city of Al Bukamal, located near the border with Iraq.

Unidentified aircraft reportedly attacked several destinations in the area.

The Iraqi Al-Afaq television channel reported that Israel is responsible for the attack.

Last week, a base belonging to militias in that same area was attacked by unidentified aircraft. Al-Arabiya reported 21 people were killed in the air strike.

There have been several attacks against Iraqi militias in recent weeks that have been attributed to Israel, which has not commented on the reports.

In late August, two senior American officials told The New York Times that Israel had carried out several air strikes on munitions storehouses for Iranian-backed groups in Iraq.

A senior Middle Eastern intelligence official told the newspaper that Israel had bombed a base north of Baghdad on July 19.

The attack on July 19 struck a base that the Middle Eastern intelligence official said was being used by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards to transfer weapons to Syria.