Police in Minnesota arrested a man in connection with a fire that destroyed a 119-year-old synagogue in Duluth.

The arrest took place on Friday, according to CNN.

Adas Israel Synagogue in Duluth, about 155 miles northeast of Minneapolis, caught fire early Monday morning. The fire left the synagogue in ruins, but firefighters were able to save several religious relics, including eight Torah scrolls.

The suspect arrested was identified as Matthew James Amiot, 36, who was booked on a first-degree arson charge, according to Sgt. Matt Donnelly with the St. Louis County Jail.

Amiot will appear at St. Louis County court in Duluth on Monday, according to CNN.

Adas Israel Synagogue is one of two synagogues in the Duluth Jewish community, according to the St. Paul Jewish Federation. It is an a Modern Orthodox/High Conservative synagogue with 75 members and daily prayer services.