The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) announced on Saturday night that it shot down an Israeli drone east of Gaza City on Saturday afternoon.

The organization claimed that it has a video of the incident but the IDF denied the report, adding that it's possible that the downed drone belonged to another Gaza terror organization. One source said that it may have belonged to Islamic Jihad and the PFLP mistakenly identified it as an Israeli drone.

On Tuesday, Hamas announced that it had downed a drone in the Rafah area of Gaza. According to the statement, the drone was equipped with sophisticated photography equipment and was involved in a special rare mission.

The IDF confirmed at the time that an IDF drone was downed in southern Gaza, adding that the incident was being investigated.

On Monday, Hezbollah announced that it had downed an Israeli unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) as it crossed the Lebanon border in the village of Ramyeh.

The IDF confirmed that an IDF drone involved in a routine operation was downed on the Lebanese side of the border but that there was no risk of information being leaked.