Violence (illustrative)
Violence (illustrative)iStock

Israa Grayib, a 21-year-old Palestinian Authority (PA) Muslim woman published an innocent photo of herself with a lover on Instagram.

When her family discovered the photo, they did not like the publicity her romance was receiving, and tortured her and killed her. According to the indictment, Grayib suffered severe torture at the hands of three family members who saw the photo as a "desecration of the family's honor."

As a result of the severe torture, Grayib suffered "severe respiratory failure" and was hospitalized. She later died of her injuries. The PA general prosecutor, Akram al-Khatib, said that Grayib suffered severe torture at the hands of family members who did not like the photo she publicized of herself with her lover, and she was hospitalized with severe injuries before dying of them. However, he denied that Grayib died because she disgraced the family's honor.

Grayib's lover was a young man from the PA.

Ammar Dawyek, CEO of the Independent Palestinian Committee for Human Rights, demanded Grayib's death be investigated.

According to the Center for Legal Assistance for Palestinian Women, 23 women were murdered last year, some of them in honor killings, and 18 have been murdered in 2019.