S-300 missile system (archive)
S-300 missile system (archive)REUTERS

Iran has placed new air defenses at a base in Syria following attacks against that base, Arab media reported Thursday.

According to reports from the STEP News Agency, which is affiliated with some of the rebel organizations in Syria, eyewitnesses observed three vehicles carrying air defense systems being brought to the site of the attack. The vehicles arrived accompanied by a convoy of Iranian Revolutionary Guards Quds Force soldiers and several heavy machine guns to protect the convoy.

A reporter for the agency stated that the missile systems were deployed at a base known as "Imam Ali Base, where the Quds Force is work on building a large base for Shi'ite militias in Syria.

It was also reported that another missile battery was moved to the eastern industrial zone of the city of Al Bukamal, near the Iraqi border and to an air bombed-out site, where significant damage was done to several ammunition storage facilities earlier this week.

Arab media reported that Iranian-affiliated Iraqi militias are located, and the explosions may have targeted them. It was also reported that several soldiers were killed.

Word of the explosions comes days after reports indicated that Iran is constructing a large military base meant to house thousands of troops in north-eastern Syria.