The United Torah Judaism Party launched a campaign video that seeks to address the heart of issues being used by some politicians in the current election campaign to attack the haredi community: "Soon, also this election will end, and Liberman and Lapid's incitement against the haredim will return to its regular proportions," the video begins.

"But still, something will remain - the disinformation. That sour and poisonous feeling against those who only take."

"So listen to something," says narrator Tal Ohr. "It just isn't so."

"According to studies," continues Ohr, citing Central Bureau of Statistics data, "the sector who volunteers the most is the haredi sector.

"In numbers: A 40% volunteer rate - more than twice the general population, translating into three-million hours of giving, a set of values that saves the taxpayer billions of shekels.

"You must have heard of the national bone marrow bank that saved the lives of 2,000 people. Did you know this bank is wholly volunteer-run? The leaders of that very Ezer m'Tziyon Association that was founded by Chanaiya Cholak, and provides help to the ill with 30,000 volunteers, the vast majority of whom are haredim. An association whose return for their giving equals hundreds-of-millions of shekels.

"And the list is long: Yad Sarah, United Hatzalah, Zichron Menachem, Yedidim on the Roads; who would have believed? Those haredim whose 'extortion' doesn't even reach one-half-of-one-percent of the State budget also give back in time and money, and a lot more than they take.

"And if those whose incitement is their entire message say differently - just check the numbers."

The video concludes with the United Torah Judaism emblem and facsimile of the party ballot slip with its "Gimel" (ג).

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