John Bolton
John BoltonReuters

Republicans Overseas Israel Chairman Marc Zell responded Wednesday to US President Donald Trump's decision to fire National Security Adviser John Bolton yesterday.

"I really appreciate Bolton's ability and service in the Trump administration and previous administration. On the other hand, I understand the side of President Trump and the White House and his team who have had a hard time working with him, not only in essentials like Iran or other foreign relations but over the daily lack of teamwork," Zell said in an interview with Arutz Sheva.

"There were frictions and arguments between him and his colleagues in the White House. Bolton is more 'soloist' and has his own way and he likes to promote his own way independently and the president doesn't appreciate it. Trump loves teamwork and discipline." Zell said.

His dismissal did not come after a dispute with President Trump over Iran?

"There is definitely a connection to Iran. The president is ready to open a door and talk to just about anyone in the world to solve policy problems. There are those in the government who oppose it including Bolton. On the other hand, Trump is acting with a policy whereby if there is not progress and they act in bad faith then he breaks the connection. This is how he worked with North Korea and how he works with the Iranians. Next week there is the United Nations gathering in New York and Trump wants to see if there is a chance to sit with the Iranians and I support that position but there are others who oppose it."

How will Bolton's resignation affect Israel?

"I don't think it will make a significant impact. President Trump has been pro-Israel and he proved that before he took office and after taking office as US President. I trust the president and the White House team to continue their sympathetic policies toward Israel, including towards sovereignty over the Jordan Valley and Judea and Samaria.

"The Trump administration has decided from the beginning, and this is a significant change for the US toward us, to respect the Israeli government's decisions on vital and security issues of the State of Israel, and the Trump administration respects us as a sovereign, which was not the way of the previous administration.

"I believe the Trump administration will continue to respect our decisions, the question is whether we will do it. Will Prime Minister Netanyahu promote sovereignty? Yesterday we heard statements but until a government decision is made this is all talk. "