Blue and White MK and former Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon lamented President Donald Trump’s decision to fire his National Security Advisor, John Bolton, calling the development a “victory for Iran” and “bad news for Israel”.

“Unfortunately, recently, there is a distinction between Israeli policy and the American one” on Iran, said Yaalon during an interview with i24NEWS. “It has been demonstrated by” the firing of John Bolton. “That’s a victory for Iran.”

Yaalon noted Trump’s strong stand against Iran’s nuclear program, including the decision to restore sanctions on Tehran, but added that the president appeared unwilling to push a confrontation with Iran, and was moving towards engagement.

“On the one hand, Trump is very tough, imposing crippling sanctions – very important; declarations – very important – but ignoring the fact that the Iranians intercepted an American UAV [drone aircraft]. That was a signal of weakness. We understand that Trump doesn’t want to go all the way to confront. Now he’s all the way to engage them. That’s why he fired John Bolton.”

“That’s bad news… for Israel, and bad news for… American policy.”