Scene of the accident
Scene of the accidentMagen David Adom

Road accident investigators are struggling to make headway in their investigation of an Ashkelon crash which killed two sisters, left a third fighting for her life, and moderately wounded the eldest sister's boyfriend.

Yarin Maoul, 19, and her sister Tahel, 17, were at an event together with their younger sister, 14-year-old Adel. Towards the end of the event, Yarin's boyfriend - who was at a wedding - called her up and said he was drunk and could not drive himself home. Though he said he would take a taxi, Yarin offered to drive him home. The sisters then left the event they were at, picked him up, and continued the drive home.

The crash, which occurred at approximately 2:30a.m., killed Tahel. Later the same morning, Yarin succumbed to her injuries as well.

Crucial to the investigation is the identity of the driver. The boyfriend, Barak Shmuel, said Yarin, the eldest sister, had picked him up from a friend's wedding, since he was drunk and unwilling to drive himself home. However, his testimony cannot be confirmed or proven false, since there are no others able to testify.

Meanwhile, investigations have not shown him to be the driver, though investigators have gone over the journey in hopes of locating a security camera which would provide clues as to the driver's identity.

On Tuesday, Soroka Medical Center reported a slight improvement in the condition of 14-year-old Adel, who was severely injured in the crash, Israel Hayom noted. Adel is still on a respirator, and she is in a semi-coma in the pediatric intensive care unit.

The Maoul family has asked the public to pray for Adel bat (daughter of) Ronit.