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A farmer from central Israel is under investigation after he opened fire at an armed robber who had helped rob several of his employees, Channel 12 reported Tuesday.

According to the report, last Friday, four residents of Qalansawe, an Israeli-Arab city east of Netanya – broke into a farm in Porat, a moshav in the Sharon district of central Israel.

The four suspects, armed with pistols and knives, robbed a number of Thai workers employed by the Israeli farmer during the incident, before the farmer arrived and confronted the thieves.

One of the suspects threatened the farmer with a knife, prompting the farmer to draw his personal firearm and fire two shots in the air, before shooting the suspect in the leg.

After the farmer shot the suspect who had been threatening him with a knife, the other three fled the scene.

Once police arrived on the scene, both the farmer and the wounded robber were taken in for questioning. Police found pistols and brass knuckles left by the suspects at the scene of the crime.

During his interrogation, the wounded robber told investigators that the farmer had shot him, then planted the knife on him afterwards to frame him and justify the use of force.

Police questioned the farmer under caution, and confiscated his weapon.

“The police are investing more in investigating me than in investigating the suspects,” the farmer told Channel 12. “I’m angry and frustrated.”