Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy CorbynReuters

A Labour activist accused of writing and sharing anti-Semitic posts on social media with the Twitter handle “@CorbynBoy” has been expelled from the party.

Ian Humphries, who was a member of the East Devon Constituency Labour Party (CLP) accused MP Jess Phillips of receiving £1million from the “Israeli lobby." He also referred to claims of Labour's anti-Semitism as "bourgeois lies and propaganda."

After Phillips was made aware of Humphries' posts by the Gnasher Jew Twitter account, she reported him to party chiefs. In turn, the pro-Corbyn account Labour Left Voice attacked her and Gnasher Jew, claiming that Gnasher was an account of the Conservative Friends of Israel.

When Labour investigated Humphries' social media accounts, they found he was guilty of many other anti-Semitic posts as well. He harassed Jewish MP Luciana Berger to state whether she agreed in killing all the "PALISTINIONS? (sic)

"It's a simple answer - yes or no?" Humphries wrote. "If you don't reply I will take this as a agree with Palestine genocide by the Israeli government."

Humphries also wrote posts claiming that the Rothschild family controls world affairs: “Tories just keep giving away money to the rich, as just to keep Murdoch and the Rothschilds happy.”