Prime Minister Netanyahu took part in the state ceremony in Hevron marking 90 years since the riots of 1929.

Netanyahu said at the event, "We came to express victory. We returned to our source and that is our victory. Bloodthirsty rioters carried out the horrific massacre 90 years ago. They were sure they were uprooting us from this place once and for all - they were wrong."

He noted that "The few in the Arab population who tried to protect their Jewish neighbors should be commended. They acted morally while risking their lives. 67 Jews were slaughtered, dozens were injured. It was precisely in times of crisis and destruction that we were on our feet again."

Netanyahu addressed the strengthening of settlement in the city, saying, "The Machpela House was populated last week and we are addressing other important issues regarding access to the Cave of the Patriarchs and rights to Jewish property. We do not come to dispossess anyone, but no one will dispossess us. We are not foreigners in Hevron, we will remain in it forever."