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Shas Party Chairman Interior Minister Aryeh Deri attended a ceremony on Tuesday to lay a cornerstone for the new Ramot Yoram neighborhood in the city of Netivot, which will be erected in the name of Rabbi Yoram Abergel.

Deri referred to Netanyahu's campaign to boost Likud at the expense of small parties. "Netanyahu as Chairman of the Likud party has to say vote Likud, but I have no doubt that he would be happy to know that Shas is strong and got stronger and stands behind him."

"They contacted me the day the Knesset was about to dissolve itself to try to find out why the Knesset is to be dispersed, and asked me to try to have someone else form the government," Deri revealed.

He added, "I am convinced that Prime Minister Netanyahu will again receive the mandate from the President. Shas is strong and getting stronger and will stand behind him so that he can have peace of mind in running the country's life. We will establish a Right-leaning Jewish government that will maintain the social and Jewish character of the state."

Deri estimated that there would be no elections for a third time and that Netanyahu would reach 61 votes without Liberman. According to him, after this happens "Gantz, Ya'alon, and Ashkenazi will correct the mistake they made and separate from Lapid and then they are invited to join us in the government. I am convinced of this and so will it be."

Asked why he did not relate to Avigdor Liberman, Deri said: "I very much relate to Liberman's words; for him a word is just a word."

Deri in Netivot
Deri in NetivotSpokesman