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Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu referred to Sunday's barrage on Hezbollah positions in retaliation for their attack on an IDF vehicle on the northern border: "We acted with determination and responsibility yesterday. We kept our citizens safe and also our soldiers.

"The man in the Beirut bunker knows exactly why he's in the bunker. We will continue to maintain Israel's security - at sea, land, and air, and continue to act against the precision missile threat."

Yesterday, Hezbollah operatives fired anti-aircraft missiles at Israel, after which the IDF fired 100 shells in response.

The exchange of fire over the Lebanon-Israel border comes one week after Hezbollah accused Israel of committing a drone attack on its southern Beirut position.

On August 24, Israel also said it had carried out strikes in Syria to avert an Iranian drone attack on the Jewish state. Hezbollah said those strikes killed two of its members.

Israel has carried hundreds of strikes in war-torn Syria, mostly against what it says are Iranian or Hezbollah targets.

Prime Minister and Defense Minister Netanyahu: "We will continue to do everything necessary to maintain Israel's security." [Hebrew]: