Netanyahu and Feiglin
Netanyahu and FeiglinSpokesperson

The Zehut party referendum, during which party members will be asked to approve or reject the agreement with the prime minister, will open this morning, Sunday.

The referendum will kick off at 10 am. Each member will receive a unique, one-time link via email and SMS, and through the link he will be able to log on to the Zehut website. Once identified, the member can vote for or against the agreement.

The referendum will end at 8 pm and about half an hour later the result will be announced.

Last Thursday, Prime Minister Netanyahu and Zehut Chairman Moshe Feiglin announced their agreement for the upcoming elections.

As part of the agreements, Zehut will drop out of the run for the next Knesset and, in return, Feiglin will receive a senior ministerial role in the next Netanyahu government. In addition, Netanyahu pledged to support reforms for medical cannabis legalization.