Zehut activists gather for party conference
Zehut activists gather for party conferenceFLASH90

Moshe Feiglin’s Zehut party is gearing up for an internal vote which will determine whether the faction will continue with its Knesset bid – or accept a Likud-backed deal to withdraw.

The Zehut party called on supporters Thursday to verify that their membership in the party is up to date, ahead of a referendum on a deal between Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Feiglin which would see the party drop out of the election race.

Members whose registration is invalid will be able to validate their membership through Saturday night until 9:00 p.m., party officials told supporters.

Former party members who cancelled their membership are also able to renew their membership by Saturday night and be eligible to vote in the referendum.

Feiglin and Prime Minister Netanyahu are expected to give a joint statement on a deal between the Likud and Zehut, under which Zehut would bow out of the race in return for a ministry in the next government, the Likud taking on Zehut’s three-million-shekel debt, and promises by the Likud to advance parts of Zehut’s agenda.

Zehut, which failed to enter the 21st Knesset, received 2.74% of the vote, despite polls suggesting it would win five to six seats.

Polls currently show the party at around 2%, well below the 3.25% minimum threshold.