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Flowers on display at florist shopiStock

The high-holiday season is approaching. Jewish families in Israel and around the world are preparing to celebrate the most intense month on the Jewish calendar, starting with the Jewish New Year, namely, Rosh Hashana.

Following millennia of diaspora, Jewish communities can be found all over the globe. From North America to South Asia, From the Middle East and Africa to Europe and Australia, different Jewish communities celebrate holidays with different customs and cuisines. Indeed, the diversity within the Jewish world is remarkable. Even within the same community Jews oftentimes diverge in their approach. As the joke goes: “two Jews equal three opinions”.

However, there is one thing that you’d be pressed to find disagreement about within the Jewish world, and that is the importance of coming together to celebrate major holidays, around a table packed with guests and food.

With its efficient international flowers delivery service, Floraqueen enables you to join the holiday celebrations even if you are physically remote. Choose from our broad selection of fresh and locally produced flower arrangements and get 5579 started with an uplifting, colorful, bundle of blossoms!

Send flowers from Israel to Jewish communities abroad

Many Israeli families are split across oceans and continents. Some have “made aliyah”, i.e., ventured and left their homes and communities to start anew in Israel. Increasingly, Israeli families are experiencing separation due the relocation, and oftentimes migration ,of family members from Israel to other countries – for school, work, diplomatic missions, etc.

These separations can be especially agonizing during big holidays and major life events. Floraqueen offers a reliable and easy way to extend your presence across space. For example, perhaps you cannot attend your son’s graduation ceremony from an elite American University; With Floraqueen’s user-friendly web and mobile interface, you can gesture your pride by scheduling a delivery of a bouquet matching his school’s colors to arrive on the morning of the event.

Send beautiful fresh flowers anywhere in Israel

Visitors to Israel are often amazed by the change of pace that characterizes the Sabbath and major holidays. Traffic slows down, the sidewalks empty as people convene for family packed get-togethers.

Often, curbside flower vendors are the last ones to be out and about, selling their bouquets to the last-minute customers. Floraqueen cannot replicate this experience for those who dwell outside of Israel, but we can offer you a way to join the celebration symbolically. Israeli families love to display centerpiece flower arrangements on the holiday table. That could be your remote contribution! For example, wish your family Shana Tova with “Familial Love”, our beautiful bouquet of white lilies and gerberas.

International potted store

With Floraqueen’s easy to use deliveries you can personalize your flowers with greetings cards, boxes of chocolates or champagne. Another way to make a beautiful and more permanent statement is to match one of our plants with our designer pots. For example, combine our “Classical Love” white orchid plant with “The Marrakech”, a unique rustic pot, to gift your loved ones with an eye-catching indoor plant that will give them the joy of watching its growth.