Photoshopped image of Temple Mount
Photoshopped image of Temple MountFacebook

As Moshe continues to exhort the children of Israel to settle the four corners of the land of Israel and to uproot the idolatry that prevails in the land, he reveals to Israel the best news yet: G-d will also choose a place for His presence to dwell within the land, and all of Israel is invited to celebrate with G-d in the Holy Temple that will be built.

Yitzchak Reuven, alone at the mic for this week's Temple Talk, as Rabbi Richman prepares for his upcoming historic trip to India, traces the history of the "place which G-d will choose" from the dawn of creation through the time of Avraham, Moshe and King David, right up to today, where a behind the scenes look at Muslim machinations on the Mount present Israel; with a green light to re-institute full sovereignty over the place of the Holy Temple.