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Ballot box voting poll stationiStock

The Noam party, affiliated with the Har Hamor yeshiva in Jerusalem, is embarking on a massive signature campaign Tuesday, hoping to collect 40,000 signatures in 54 hours.

Tens of thousands of people will be asked to pledge to vote for the party if polls show it passing the electoral threshold.

"The Signature Campaign" is being launched at the Ramat Rachel Hotel in Jerusalem with the participation of Har Hamor President Rabbi Tzvi Tau, the party's leaders and hundreds of "Noam" activists.

The Noam party is expected to drop out of the Knesset race if it finds that it is unable to obtain the number of votes required to pass the electoral threshold.

In the last election, the electoral threshold was 3.25% of all eligible votes, or 140,052 votes. In total, 366,016 votes were cast for parties that did not pass the threshold.

"Today we will start a huge campaign in we will get tens of thousands of people who want Noam in the Knesset to sign on, but we want to see that it is indeed a responsible and safe vote," the party said. "With G-d’s help the great public that supports Noam will join, and now the ball goes into the hands of the public, which will decide whether the Noam party will join the Knesset."