Moshe Feiglin
Moshe FeiglinFlash 90

Zehut Chairman Moshe Feiglin on Tuesday morning addressed reports that his party might not run in the upcoming elections as part of an agreement with Netanyahu.

According to the reports, the Likud offered to cover Zehut’s three-million-shekel debt, adopt part of Zehut’s platform – including decriminalization of marijuana – and appoint Feiglin as a minister in the next government in exchange for the party’s dropping out.

Speaking to Ayala Hasson on 103 FM, Feiglin said that the reports were "far from accurate" and denied receiving an offer to cover his party's debts.

"Zehut was not established to promote people but to promote ideas. I promised my voters that the party would be there on election day and so it will be."

Later in the conversation, he addressed his party's platform and attacked: "We want to promote the entire issue of economic freedom and the free market. Other parties, right and left, simply copy pages from our platform."

In the last round of elections, the polls predicted that Zehut would be the surprise of the elections, but the party ultimately did not pass the electoral threshold. Feiglin explained the failure by saying that "People were confident it was in the bag, and went to save other parties."

At the end of the interview, Feiglin acknowledged that there is a possibility that Zehut would respond positively to a proposal that would further Zehut's agenda: "If I feel that the weight of the responsibility does not allow me to reject the offer outright, I will pass the decision to Zehut members through an internet referendum, just like the primaries we conducted."