Israeli artillery preparing to strike back into southern Lebanon
Israeli artillery preparing to strike back into southern Lebanonצילום: Flash 90

The IDF’s northern command has been on high alert for the past two days over concerns of an attack on Israel, following threats from leaders of Hezbollah, Iran, and Lebanon, Channel 12 reported on Monday.

According to the report, the IDF has deployed all the forces already in the northern area, while a decision to bring more forces to the area may be made in the coming days. The army believes that Hezbollah will attempt to attack military, rather than civilian, targets.

A senior IDF official who spoke with Channel 12 said that, in any event, any attempted Hezbollah attack on Israel will be met with a “disproportionate” Israeli response.

The report comes after the IDF announced on Saturday night that it struck Iranian targets in Syria, thereby thwarting an Iranian drone attack on Israel.

Hours later, the Hezbollah terror group claimed that Israeli drones had fallen in the Beirut area.

In addition, Lebanese media reported on Sunday night that the Israel Air Force had attacked targets near the Lebanon-Syria border.

Prime Minister Netanyahu on Monday night vowed to thwart Iranian attempts to harm the State of Israel, while also calling on the international community to take action against Iran.

"Iran acts on a broad front to bring out murderous terrorist attacks against the State of Israel," Netanyahu said. "Israel will continue to defend its security however that may be necessary. I call on the international community to act immediately so that Iran stops these attacks. "