Video was released of the moment a leopard attacked an Israeli toddler at a zoo in Thailand last week.

Professor Gidi Porat of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in Schneider Hospital said "Ohr arrived to us in the early morning hours after a long flight from Thailand. He arrived in good clinical condition. He definitely has damage and swelling in the face, in the bones of the face and in the area of the teeth.

"The treatment he received was absolutely fine; thanks to that treatment he was able to arrive in good condition from Tel HaShomer Hospital to the Department of Pediatric Intensive care. Here, the best specialists, in eyes, mouth and jaw, and intensive care continued the treatment that he received there, and we hope in the coming days he will feel better and go home."

פרופ גידי פרת מנהל המחלקה לטיפול נמרץ ילדיםדוברות שיבא