Regev at spring where the bombing attack occurred
Regev at spring where the bombing attack occurredHezki Bruch

Culture and Sports Minister Miri Regev on Monday visited the Ein Bubin Spring near the town of Dolev in Binyamin where an Israeli teenager was murdered in a bombing attack on Friday.

"We stand 300 meters from the spring to get a closer look and see where the severe attack occurred last Friday. At the same place, 300 meters away, Danny Gonen was murdered, and this sprang was given his name," Regev said.

According to her, the spring "symbolizes the life and good of this country. People come and travel and cherish the good there is in this country, and it has become a place of blood. We came here to strengthen the residents and say that we are everywhere and we are not deterred."

Regev welcomed Prime Minister Netanyahu's announcement that the construction of 300 housing units in Dolev will be approved in response to the murderous attack. "This is our answer to terrorism. You will deal with death, and we will deal with life and construction in cultural and sports activities and education and welfare."

She added: "In the political-security cabinet, deep and serious discussions are being led by the prime minister, who is the defense minister. All the security forces and the IDF is preparing for every scenario in every sector."

"Every week we thwart attacks here, you just don't hear about it. Thank G-d there are fewer terror attacks this year than last year," the Minister of Culture said. "Deterrence exists. If there was no deterrence the reality would have looked different. The deterrence exists here and the deterrence also exists in Gaza."

"We see that the demonstrations on the fence have been reduced and the quantities of explosive kites have been reduced and we see that the IDF continues to build the barrier. At the end of the day, we are dealing with a terrorist entity in several arenas, ” she explained.