ShakedFlash 90

The Yamina list calls upon Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to advance construction of the 300 housing units he promised to build in Dolev for immediate approval, and not to wait for the next meeting of the Supreme Planning Council.

"The Prime Minister and Defense Minister shouldn't wait for the planning committees to convene, but can convene them immediately," they say in Yamina, in light of the fact that the next expected meeting of the council will take place in only two months.

"In light of President Trump's announcement of the upcoming release of the Centennial Plan, we hope the schedule for building 300 houses in Dolev will be shorter than the chedule for building 300 houses in Beit El," they jabbed.

Yamina adds, "Only a big, strong Yamina will make sure that Netanyahu's directive is implemented and won't remain a cheap election spin on the backs of the settlers."

This morning, Prime Minister Netanyahu instructed his staff to bring for approval in the upcoming planning committee meeting the establishment of a new neighborhood in Dolev, where some 300 new housing units will be built. "We'll deepen our roots and strike at our enemies. We will continue to strengthen and develop settlement," Netanyahu said.