Devorah Gonen at the scene of her son Danny's murder.
Devorah Gonen at the scene of her son Danny's murder.Credit: Dovid Hochberg

Bereaved mother Devorah Gonen responded to the terrorist incident on Friday morning in which three family members were badly injured by an explosion in a terrorist incident by the Ein Bubin spring near Dolev. Devorah's son Danny was shot to death in a terrorist incident fours years ago in the same spot, also on a Friday, and the spring was subsequently named after him.

Gonen responded on Friday: "I feel a storm of emotions. I just heard about the terrorist attack. Every attack brings us back. It happened in the same place, the same day - Friday. The location was supposed to be secure."

"My feelings are extremely difficult. [Israeli] residents shouldn't give up on our land, on our state. The decision-makers shouldn't give up. [Israeli] citizens must be protected. They're not doing us a favor by ensuring our safety. We need to return home and it's their duty to take care of it."

"Their considerations are of no interest to anyone. The value of life is a supreme value. People need to return home in peace after an outing - including people who live in Tel Aviv, in Jerusalem or Dolev."

"Deterrence needs to be increased. It's been two weeks since Dvir Sorek was killed. How long is it possible to look in the eyes of the [bereaved] families? This must be stopped. It's time to stop burying our people. I can't bear it anymore. "

The spring where the three family members were wounded on Friday morning is a popular hiking site for both Israelis and Arabs. Four years ago, on a summer day, Danny Gonen was killed by a Palestinian Authority Arab who met Gonen and his friend by the spring and asked them "Is there water in the spring?" He then shot them at point-blank range. Danny's friend survived but it was too late for Danny.