Restaurateur Lee Landau decided to save the last kosher restaurant in London’s West End.

Reubens, which had been especially popular among London’s Jewish population, had been in operation for 46 years. 3 months ago, its owners decided to close the deli and restaurant “due to a family bereavement.”

Now Landau, who owns a number of kosher cafes and restaurants in London, has purchased the lease on the 3,376 square-foot site and will reopen it as a kosher restaurant certified by the Federation of Synagogues, The Evening Standard reported.

“I would visit Reubens as a child … and continued dining there in my adult life, so I felt even more motivated to try and save the last remaining kosher eatery in the West End,” Landau, who grew up in Golders Green, said according to The Evening Standard.

The site of the legendary eatery included a deli on one floor and a large restaurant underneath it. Landau has already opened the deli, whose menu includes favorites from the original Reubens.

The restaurant, which will open in the middle of next month, will combine old favorites with completely new dishes.