Lod residents demonstrate outside Ben Gurion Airport
Lod residents demonstrate outside Ben Gurion AirportCourtesy of the photographer

Lod Mayor Yair Revivo on Tuesday morning participated in a demonstration held at the entrance to Ben Gurion International Airport, protesting the noise caused by airplanes.

"Israel Airports Authority decided to move the flight paths to over the city, at five in the morning," Revivo told Arutz Sheva. "We demand quiet and we will continue fighting. If need be, we will disrupt activities at the airport."

Revivo explained that until recently, planes flew over the city only during landing, not during takeoff. "This is a change in the status quo," he emphasized, demanding the Israel Airports Authority move the takeoffs back to the airport.

This, he said, would dramatically reduce the number of planes flying over the city, as well as the noise.

"Every three minutes there's another plane and the quiet is disturbed," he said. "The planes wake children up at five in the morning and that's it, they can't fall back asleep. They arrive at school exhausted. This severely disrupts the lives of our residents."

Shmuel Zakai, Managing Director at Ben Gurion Airport, has said in the past that he understands the residents' suffering and clarified that the airport will do everything possible to improve the lives of local residents.