Aya Na'amana
Aya Na'amanaselfie

The body of Israeli hiker Aya Na'amana, a 22-year-old student from Araba in the Galilee, was found in Ethiopia.

Na'amana went on a trip as part of a Technion delegation, where she studied as a student. She became separated from the group during a trip to the Salt Desert in Danakil, Ethiopia.

The Israeli foreign ministry stated: "We regret to announce that the body of the Israeli young woman, Aya Na'amana, was found after she was lost during a trip to the Salt Desert area in Ethiopia."

"The Israeli embassy in Addis has been working with Ethiopian authorities, government and military officials at the highest levels, together with the Magnus Rescue Company, to locate the Israeli. Yesterday, when the incident occurred, searches began on the ground by local police, military forces, and local volunteers. Searches continued today, conducted by ground forces and a helicopter, until the body of the young woman who apparently fell to her death was found," the official said.

The Foreign Ministry added that they share in the family's grief and assisted in transporting Aya's body to the Israel as soon as possible.