Benny Gantz at Kiryat Ono event, August 7th, 2019
Benny Gantz at Kiryat Ono event, August 7th, 2019Flash90

The Blue and White party has pulled into a tie with the Likud, a new poll shows Thursday evening.

According to the new poll, published Thursday night by Channel 13 and conducted by Prof. Camil Fuchs, the Likud and Blue and White party would each win 31 seats if new elections were held today, a decline of four seats for each party compared to their performance in the April 9th election.

That also represents a one-seat gain for the Likud over the previous Channel 13 poll, released August 1st, which showed the Likud with 30 seats.

But Blue and White made an even larger gain, rising two seats in as many weeks, going from 29 seats in the previous poll to 31.

The right-wing Yamina party, previously known as the United Right, also gained ground, rising from 11 seats in the previous poll to 12 in Thursday’s poll.

Yisrael Beytenu would win 11 seats if new elections were held today, the same number projected for the party in the previous poll.

Shas would win six seats, the same as in the last Channel 13 poll, while United Torah Judaism would remain stable with seven.

The predominantly Arab Joint List party would fall by two seats, from 11 in the previous poll to nine in the latest survey.

The Labor-Gesher alliance would also lose ground, falling from six seats to five seats in the new poll, while the far-left Democratic Union would fall from nine seats to eight.

Neither the left nor the right-wing would be able to form a narrow government, with the rightist-religious bloc at 56 seats – not including Yisrael Beytenu, which has vowed to block the formation of a narrow right-wing government.

The left-wing – Arab bloc is projected to win 53 seats, a decline of two compared to the previous poll.