Adina Bar Shalom
Adina Bar ShalomFlash 90

Israel Prize laureate and daughter of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef Rabbanit Adina Bar Shalom today sharply attacked the court ruling prohibiting gender-separate public events.

"I thought I was living in an undemocratic state where the court decides that I or my husband must attend a show for the haredi public, because my husband would not attend a show like this if it's not separated," said Bar Shalom.

"I can choose because I live among my people and I attend every show, but there are tens of thousands of men who will be prevented from attending such shows and the same to tens of thousands of women who will be prevented them from attending such shows," noted Bar Shalom.

She continues: "Rabin Square holds scores and hundreds of shows every year and when there was one Chabad show there was a storm, yes separation, no separation. The haredi public has always separated men and women."

Bar Shalom explained why there is a difference between the issues of gender segregation in performances and on buses: "There I impose separation on anyone who doesn't accept it. Public space needs to stay mixed. A line must be drawn between what it is called public space and what it is called cultural performances."