The Milkman Rabbi Chaim Cohen
The Milkman Rabbi Chaim CohenFlash 90

Kabbalist Rabbi Rabbi Chaim Cohen, who was known as "the Milkman" due to his work at a dairy, passed away today at Tel Hashomer Hospital, where he was hospitalized.

The late Rabbi Cohen will be brought to rest at 21:30 at the Sanhedria Cemetery in Jerusalem.

"The Milkman" was considered a respected Kabbalist and engaged in learning and teaching Kabbalah, while at the same time earning his living at the Tel Aviv dairy where he held a partnership with his brother.

Over the years, "The Milkman" authored books on Kabbalistic insights on the weekly Torah portion along with Ramat Hasharon Yeshiva head Rabbi Reuven Sasson, which were named Talelei Chaim as well as a number of other books that were published from lessons he gave.

About two months ago, Rabbi Cohen was hospitalized at Tel Hashomer Hospital under sedation and artificial respiration. He was 84 years old and is survived by his wife Edith and four children.