Incendiary Balloons Street meets Ismail Haniyeh Street
Incendiary Balloons Street meets Ismail Haniyeh StreetSpokesperson

Dozens of Israel Victory Project activists on Tuesday night protested the Israeli governments' longstanding policy in dealing with terrorists.

As part of the activities, activists changed the names of central streets in Tel Aviv to names which describe the reality faced by Israel's citizens in general, and residents of southern Israel in particular.

Rothschild Street, for example, became "Sderot runs to bomb shelters" street, while Reines Street became "Sbarro Street," Queen Esther Street became "Dolphinarium Street," and Bnei Zion Street became "Incendiary Balloons Street."

At the same time, the names of key intersections were changed to reflect the quandary which the next Israeli government will face: whether to give in to terror, or create deterrence and be victorious: Conciliatoriness Street and Deterrence Street, Defeat Street and Victory Street.

Last week, a survey published by the Israel Victory Project showed that the Israeli public is very disappointed with the gentle hand shown by Israeli governments towards Hamas and is demanding an end to the conflict, criticizing the recent ceasefire agreement.

"Three Boys Street" and "Death Penalty for Terrorists Street" Credit: Spokesperson

"The Israel Victory Project calls on public figures, the IDF, and the entire Israeli society to move from a policy of conciliatoriness and weakness to a policy of victory and deterrence," a statement read. "Victory means forcing Israel's terms on its enemies via military, economic, and political means. This is in contrast to the concessions and conciliatoriness towards both terror organizations and their supporters as well as towards the international pressure. This approach learns from history that conflicts end only when one of the sides is defeated and surrenders. Similarly, the conflict with the Palestinians and their supporters will only end after the Palestinians recognize the defeat and failure of the violent war. Without Israeli victory, there will be no end to the conflict."

Middle East Forum Director Gregg Roman, who is behind the Israel Victory Project, said: "This protest is the result of deep pain felt by many people across all parts of Israeli society. We all remember the difficult terror attacks at the Park Hotel, Bus #5, and the Dolphinarium, and we are all frustrated at round after round [of fighting] which paralyzes the lives of southern residents. We must stop managing the conflict and decide that we are bringing it to an end, from a place of strength and on our terms. That is the only way to end this conflict, and that is our demand of Israel's future government."