MK Yitzhak Pindrus finds it difficult to understand how the Blue and White Party doesn't condemn MK Yair Lapid on the anti-haredi video released by the party on Monday.

"I think this video says a lot about Gantz, Ashkenazi, and Ya'alon. The fact that they still include Lapid in the party and don't throw him out the door indicates that the problem is in them," Pindrus asserts.

"I don't think it's permissible to give anyone like Lapid any government role in the State of Israel. We must not remain silent on such a discourse. Each time we're raising the bar on the divisive discourse in the State of Israel."

When questioned whether there is a chance that UTJ will sit in a government with Blue and White, Pindrus answers, "It's needless to say. We said it before the elections and upheld it during negotiations. UTJ and Shas will do everything they can to ensure a right-wing and haredi government. At no point was there any other thought. We proved it and we'll prove it again after the elections."

Earlier, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu attacked the video released by Blue and White in which the haredi ministers were portrayed as greedy and money-chasing.

"The incitement of prime ministerial candidate Yair Lapid, with its anti-Semitic undertones, proves once again why Yair Lapid must not be Prime Minister," Netanyahu wrote on Twitter.