Two cases of severe anti-Semitism have been exposed in the past few days among personalities at the CNN news network.

Kareem Farid, a presenter for a web video series on CNN Arabic, wrote on his Twitter account, “I love you Hitler!” adding that he appreciated “his determination to reach his goal.”

The discovery of Farid's comments came just one day after the resignation of one of its photo editors, who was also caught making a series of harsh statements against Jews.

CNN photo editor Mohammed Elshamy resigned on Thursday following the resurfacing of a series of anti-Semitic tweets he posted in 2011.

'More than 4 jewish pigs killed in Jerusalem today by the Palestinian bomb explode,' Mohammed Elshamy wrote in 2011. The tweet was referring to a terrorist bombing at a bus stop near the Jerusalem central bus station which actually killed four rather than two, including a 14-year old girl who succumbed to her injuries in 2017 after remaining unconscious for six years, and wounded 39.

Another tweet said, "Israel is the main enemy for the people of Egypt and shall always remain despite rulers who lick Jewish legs." New York Jewish Republican consultant Arthur Schwartz discovered Elshamy's tweets on Thursday and questioned CNN how they hired him in the light of the fact that the anti-Semitic tweets were publicly available on Elshamy's Twitter account.

“The network has accepted the resignation of a photo editor, who joined CNN earlier this year, after anti-Semitic statements he’d made in 2011 came to light,” CNN spokesperson Matt Dornic said. “CNN is committed to maintaining a workplace in which every employee feels safe, secure and free from discrimination regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or religion.”

Elshamy began working for CNN in January 2019.

Dornic also downplayed CNN's ties to Farid.

While Farid claimed on his LinkedIn page that he worked as a presenter for a CNN Arabic tech show, Dornic emphasized that Farid was not an employee of CNN, nor was he a paid contributor, calling him an "unpaid guest commenting on technology in some 1-minute web videos."