The Project Veritas website, which works to expose corruption through recordings, on Wednesday published additional testimony from an employee at Google who asserted that the company uses a politically-biased approach.

Dr. Greg Coppola, a senior engineer at Google, told Project Veritas that he is experienced in Google algorithms, and it is clear that the system is politically biased.

“I look at search and I look at Google News and I see what it’s doing and I see Google executives go to Congress and say that it’s not manipulated. It’s not political. And I’m just so sure that’s not true,” Coppola said.

Right-wing personalities, including President Trump himself, have accused Google and the big social media companies of left-wing bias.

A video that was revealed showed senior Google officials expressing disappointment over the election of Trump to the presidency a short time after the 2016 elections.

Other senior officials at Google and other companies have anonymously revealed information about left-wing bias expressed in the blocking and censorship of right-wing bloggers.

Google denies assertions that it is biased against the Right, and has not yet responded to Coppola’s assertions.