Shayetet 13 commanders
Shayetet 13 commandersIDF Spokesperson

Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi accepted the recommendation of the General Staff Awards Panel, headed by the President of the Court of Appeals, Major General Doron Piles, to award a citation, a medal of appreciation and certificates of appreciation to the operational units of the Israeli Navy.

This is for special operational activities that demonstrated courage, determination, professionalism and operational composure.

The naval commando unit (Shayetet 13) is expected to receive a citation from the Chief of Staff, the flotilla of missile ships (Shayetet 3) is expected to receive a medal of appreciation from the Chief of Staff and the submarine flotilla (Shayetet 7), together with other classified forces in the arm, are expected to receive certificates of appreciation.

The citation, medal and certificates will be awarded to the units for unique, creative and groundbreaking operational activities that have contributed significantly to the security of the State of Israel.

The commander of the depth headquarters, Maj. Gen. Moni Katz, and the commander of the Home Front Command, Maj. Gen. Tamir Yidai, took part in the General Staff Awards Panel.