President with Navy soldiers
President with Navy soldiersMark Neiman (GPO)

President Reuven Rivlin today, Wednesday, visited the Israel Navy during which he toured the Gaza border on board a Dvora patrol boat and was briefed on the navy’s routine border protection patrols. Commander of the Israel Navy Maj-Gen Eliahu Sharvit escorted the president on his visit and briefed him on the challenges the navy currently deals with. Following this the president toured the Tamar gas rig, where the president was briefed on the navy’s capabilities in protecting Israel’s territorial waters.

The president thanked the men and women of the Israel Navy soldiers for preserving the sovereignty of the state by preventing smuggling and attempted attacks, disturbances on the border and infiltration into our Israeli territory. "The navy’s ability to act with determination on the one hand and sensitivity on the other, distinguishing between war and terror and the importance of continued normal daily life, have led it to important and significant achievements," he said, and spoke on the communications system to the patrol boat escorting him, displaying an impressive grasp of military terminology to the soldiers.

He added, "You must remain vigilant, coping with the grinding routine and the complex sector in which you operate. You carry out your work in an admirable manner, with a sense of mission and understanding of what you are tasked with. You protect the country from all its enemies in the maritime sector and stand firm against any challenge."

Visiting the gas rig, the president said, “The strength of the State of Israel is measured in its military, economic and social resilience. Our ability to produce gas requires us to pay even closer attention to our military resilience, a task performed admirably by our navy, which has become one of the most important elements of our national defense. Today, we understand clearly that economic strength also relies on military power. I want to congratulate and thank the men and women of the navy for their capability, their readiness and their human capital.”

Commander of the Israel Navy, Maj Gen Eliyahu Sharvit: “The naval operational area on the Gaza border presents complex challenges for the Israel Navy. During his visit, the president was briefed on the complexity of the challenges, met commanders and soldiers who are on operations day and night, shoulder to shoulder, defending Israel’s naval border.”