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Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency aided in the uncovering and arrest of a Lebanese terrorist operating in Uganda recently, Ugandan media reported Monday night.

Hussein Mahmood Yassine, an undercover agent working for the Iranian-linked terrorist group Hezbollah, was arrested on July 7th by a Ugandan security team at Entebbe International Airport, the Kampala Post reported.

Yassine, who had worked in Uganda since 2010, was held incommunicado, the Post reported, drawing protest from the Lebanese government.

The report claimed that Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency worked in conjunction with Uganda’s security establishment to arrest Yassine and dismantle the terrorist network he had worked to establish.

Yassine was arrested at Entebbe Airport hours after he had returned from a visit to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and just before he was scheduled to fly to Beirut.

The Hezbollah agent, who has been linked to senior Hezbollah terrorist Ali Wahib Hussein (also known as Abu Jihad) had reportedly been scouting out Israeli and American targets for potential terror attacks in Africa. Yassine had also built a network of spies and terrorist recruits for future attacks.

Yassine is said to have identified over 100 Lebanese nationals in Uganda he believed could be used in future Hezbollah operations.

Months prior to his arrest, Israel’s Mossad tipped off Uganda’s security establishment, which monitored Yassine before the arrest operation at Entebbe Airport.