Improvised mosque at Gate of Mercy
Improvised mosque at Gate of MercyReuters

The Regavim Movement, which petitioned the Supreme Court against construction of a mosque at Sha'ar HaRachamim, responded to reports that Israel had agreed with Jordan on an outline for resolving the dispute.

"The outline is a disgraceful and scandalous plan of total surrender to the illegal activity of the Muslim Waqf and the caprices of Jordan, a surrender and violation of Israeli sovereignty, which is quite appropriate to the 'Three Weeks' in which the Temple was destroyed."

According to the reports, the mosque at the Gate of Mercy will be closed for six months, during which the place will be renovated according to Jordanian demand. Upon completion of the renovation, an "administrative complex" of the Waqf will be established.

Last February, Muslim Waqf operatives invaded the ancient building of the Gate of Mercy that was closed for many years due to terror-support activity, and began work to turn the building into a mosque.

Regavim petitioned the Supreme Court shortly after, demanding the Waqf not be allowed to take over the building while establishing facts on the ground.

The Supreme Court ruled that the State would respond to the petition within ninety days, a period of time that allowed the Waqf to do as it wished.

The state recently replied to the Supreme Court that the issue is being handled through diplomatic channels with Jordan, "under the guidance of the highest political echelon".

"Now it turns out that the State of Israel has in fact surrendered to the illegal activities of the Waqf and the Jordanian demands," Regavim says.

Otzma Yehudit Chairman Michael Ben-Ari responded to the reports of Israel's surrender to Jordanian demands, saying: "The Prime Minister's serious capitulation on the Temple Mount will yet cost us Jewish blood, G-d forbid. The policy of surrender on the Temple Mount proved a long time ago that such a policy invites the next attack."

Otzma's Chairman added: "Such a capitulation will embolden the Waqf and the rest of the terrorist elements to continue to encroach on Israeli sovereignty on the Temple Mount. The implications are clear: The whole world's media will be reporting on this serious capitulation, and will show just how much the State of Israel is not a sovereign state. This means a severe blow to Israel's national might.

"If the State of Israel wants to live, it must throw the Waqf out, not only from the Gate of Mercy, but from all of the Temple Mount and bring back absolute Israeli sovereignty over the entire area of the Mount", said the Otzma Chairman.