some of the smuggled phones
some of the smuggled phonesIPS spokesperson

Guards at the Opher Prison prevented the smuggling of multiple mobile phones to terrorists at the prison over the weekend.

Two detainees, one affiliated with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the other with Fatah, were found with 11 cell phones they had attempted to smuggle into the prison.

The plot was discovered when one of the prisoners set off a metal detector. During the interrogation, the detainee confessed to having phones in his body and even excreted the three phones.

The magnometer also detected metal in the lower back of the second detainee, who claimed to have metal pallets in his body, but after prison staff decided to send him to the hospital for an examination, he admitted that his body contained two packages with four phones each.

The Israel Pison Service stated: "The IPS guards are at the forefront of the fight against terror and crime prevention every day and will continue to strive with determination and professionalism to achieve the goal and to ensure the personal safety of the residents of the State of Israel."