M-16צילום: ISTOCK

The Military Prosecution will file indictments against a career soldier and an enlisted soldier for removing weapons from the military and arms trading authorities and selling them to Arabs

The MPCID investigation revealed that the military officer removed two M-16 assault rifles, two MAG rifles, two MAG barrels, some 48 rounds of ammunition, and three stun grenades.

He sold the weapons and ammunition to an Arab citizen from Wadi Ara who was interrogated in this case by the Israel Police.

The military prosecution requested an extension of their detention for the purpose of filing an indictment.

The commander of the Central Unit for Special Investigations, Lt. Col. Arik Bortnicker, said that "this file was investigated by the Central Unit for Special Investigations (JIU) in the MPCID unit and in cooperation with the Israel Police. The sophisticated investigative actions to thwart weapons violations in the IDF have proven to be effective and successful in this case. The MPCID unit will continue to act in order to arrive at the truth. "

The career officer, serves as a company sergeant. He was taken into custody on June 28, 2019.

The soldier serves as the deputy company sergeant and was arrested on July 14, 2019.